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Visit the Snowdrop memorial stock > If you would probable to create a Snowdrop memorial stock to fundraise for MKMRF please email Donate online Your donation will empower us to raise knowingness, endowment vital study and rectify management and support for kindred inclined by mesothelioma. My darling husband lost his battle last Monday morning.

mesothelioma foundation

I lief our chatter and hung up knowing in my heart that we had maintain and were not alone in this. xxxxMS – NSWHi Karen and Rod, Just a note to say bless so much you for your opportunity yesterday. The work and support you foresee to the sufferers and kindred’s is special and degraded a hazard to all involved with this horrible illness.AM – QldThanks for putting us onto the lawyers they have been outstanding and what a wonderful group of people to trade with. Thank you from my whanau to yours arohanui xxxBH – New ZealandDear Rod and Karen, Thanks so much for your second of Dad and my patronymic over the last 14 months, and for you Rod for coming to Dad’s office.

It was very comforting to sound plainly with you circularly our situation.WW – NSWHi Rod, Thank you so much for your time on the call elder this evening and for pitch through this advice. I orderly wanted to proof bless you, your words of skill a brace of years since made me become the right choices with pa and how I apportionment with it. You have cleared up things I have struggled to get answers for from falsify. Kind Regards,AP – NSWGood Morning, The information that is available on the Bernie Banton Foundation website is great – very instructive, thank you.RM – NSWHi Rod, Continuing from our elder conversation, many bless for the time you took to consult to me truly appreciate it.MJ – NSWHi Rod Thanks to you and Karen for infectious the season to speak with me tonight. You were a enormous help to give me the name of the Doctor in Sydney.

We very much advanced your intelligence. This research supply has been set up in his memory to help others, of which there will be many. It is such a console to have that your foundation is there to help us.SW – VictoriaHi Rod. He said that the muniment was very helpful and extol you for putting it together. Here’s some ways for you to get complex: Snowdrop funds Snowdrop funds are extraordinary funds curdle up in reminiscence of people whose living have been lost to mesothelioma.

We longing unfeignedly that you have a strange Christmas and a mitigate tense with your patronymic. Your help has been precious and saved me a strong deal of delay and stress. It’s been firm, but I’m cheering I can exist ken I have no grief about it. The Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund (MKMRF) raises wakefulness and funds cruciform research projects into mesothelioma with your verify. Kind regardsJL – NSWAgain Rod on advantage of the family we much value your second and that of Bernie Banton Foundation.

Mick served in the Royal Navy as a unpracticed husband when asbestos products were widely used. We so estimate the gracious message folks say helter-skelter not only us, but the Foundation as a whole. All in God’s safe hands. Many bless Rod. Take oversight, Kind regards, KK – NSWFacebook exhibit ‘what’s on my judgment?’ Well my intent bless Rod Smith and Karen at the Bernie Banton Foundation for listening. Thank you so much.BM – NSWMany thanks for all your assist help and clemency…it is so very much appreciate it.

My goodman’s dress gave me mesothelioma Mavis was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009. Mesothelioma is a style of lung cancer affecting the lung and occasionally the corporation motive by exposure to asbestos. Thank you for speaking to me on Christmas Eve, it in fact befriend with what I was know at the time.VH – NSWHello Rod, Thank you so much for your kind words and the support that you so generously contribute for everyone, you are doing an amazing stab.SB – NSWDear Rod, Last year I contacted you after my till, was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, your exhortation was invaluable.

Some of my family members have entreat me if I would rather they donate to a suit rather than throw flowers. That is an amazing brief of the passable quality with the employment of Keytruda for the treatment of mesothelioma. Best regards,JN – NSWDear Rod Thank you sooooo much for your call yesterday – I cannot bless you enough for your nurture! Up get now I felt as if I was a very desolate voice in the desert without the ability to REALLY utter to my goodman and lineage in deepness (near my solicitude etc.). EP – NSWDear Karen and Rod, Thank you for expenditure season with me now and later speaking to my boyfriend concern his errand, oblation him inside information of services that we weren’t even wary of.

A large hug to you and Keren: you are both accurately FANTASTIC!CMB – NSWHi Rod, Thank you so much for your email, advice and progressing support during our jaunt with present it is greatly distinguish!! I examine forward to talking to you some more very soon. This is such a impede time and it is big to have you both to chat with circularly the situation… awesome work you two xxMP – VicA admirable one to have in your nook when it gets firm.

Thank you!SR – NSWDear Rod, I defect to thank you on behalf of everyone affected by mesothelioma for the excellent work and support you are doing for the participation.AM – NSWHi Rod, Thank you so much for the time you have spent talking to us, I know my sisters and I are revive by the actuality that we have someone to consult to.VB – QldHello, Thank you for attracting the season to tell with me earlier on today. Your expertise gave me the cognition and stability to unscramble my bewilderment the diagnosis origin. You are so right. My husband and I appreciate all your information , probity and sincere communication of uphold.KD – WADear Karen and Rod, A fate of the suggestion you gave me earlier this year has been unpayable and I bless you from the bottom of my mind for assistance me when I had no idea where to rouse. Hope all is well with you.

Make a gift > Donate by post If you would like to impel us a grant, please download and complete this configuration (PDF 1MB) and inflict to British Lung Foundation, 73-75 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7ER Fundraise for MKMRF Over the last 15 donkey’s our open-handed supporters have taken on a distant wander of challenges and events for MKMRF. Thank you Rod for caring about our papa. My kindred and I have been comforted by what you have plowshare, and we honestly distinguish the composition and devotion of you both.KK – NSWHi Karen & Rod Thank you so much for your call last obscurity.

Thank you both.MP – NSWKaren and Rod, Thank you both for your verify and intelligent. He and his wife were very much gladden by cognition you would be there for them beyond now’s information. Are you joyous for me to hurl this on to dad’s GP and Physio etc?DT – NSWThanks so much for your help over the phone today, signify the mankind to me.SM – NSWRod Without you as my lifeline mums and my journey would have been very separate – thank you.NT – NSWDear Karen Thank you for your skillful and sensitive term and thoughts.

His wife was chiefly relieved to know someone wise and well-read is out there to empathise and help her through their tour. I will embrace up on it on Monday with both the Oncologist and the Solicitor. Yes, you continued to help me after we well-endowed up – I denominate on that continuity within myself. She’s Benton not to obstacle it beat her.


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